Watch Jav on line セックス An enrageding school brawl case. A woman negotiator who is going alone to resolve the case in a classroom where a masked perpetrator stands up a trainer and college students as hostages Sho Nishino. The truth of the surprise ... even though it seemed that outsiders invaded and besieged, the actual culprits had been college students who have to had been hostages!凶悪学校立て籠り事件。覆面をした犯人が教師や生徒達を人質に立て籠る教室に、事件解決の為、単身赴く女交渉人・西野翔。衝撃の事実…部外者が侵入し籠城しているかと思われたが、真犯人は人質のはずの生徒達だったのだ!