Watch Jav Online Tower who became a student 's relationship with Mr. Tanaka. The secret of only two people. You have to make sure it does not leak out. However, it seems that only Toshi thinks so that Tanaka of a curious young person gradually comes to hand in school .... In the classroom in the class, in the staff room, in the public health room ... in any place in the school, Tanaka without anyone even if there are people, it was a tower that does not feel bad when you are going to ... that thrill became a habit Next教え子の田中と男女の関係になってしまった塔子。2人だけの秘密。なんとしても漏れないようにしなければいけない。だが、そう思っているのは塔子だけのようで、好奇心旺盛な若者の田中は徐々に学校内でも手をだしてくるように…。授業中の教室で、職員室で、保健室で…校内のありとあらゆる場所で、たとえ人がいてもお構いなしの田中に、いつバレるか気が気じゃない塔子だったが…そのスリルが癖になっていき…。