Watch Jav Online Yuki Shimizu is 33 years old, wife of a calm atmosphere that will be married for 6 years. Her husband seems to be managing the company, she talks with the thin limbs that seems to be broken a bit if you put a little effort, her smiling face and AV is a girl who seems to be unlikely to have a relationship, this time it is applied He tells why "Husband is less frequent, and she gets cut as soon as possible ...". It seems that I could not stand a pale white husband and I wanted to have heavy sex. It is the outstanding proportion that appeared when you took off your clothes quickly. When the soft breasts are blown away from the underwear and licking the nipples, Mr. Yuki has entrusted himself with moaning pant voice as he feels comfortable 清水ゆきさんは33歳、結婚6年になる落ち着いた雰囲気の奥様です。ご主人は会社経営をしているそうで、少し力を込めたら折れてしまいそうな細い手足におっとりとした話し方、ほんわかした笑顔とAVとは縁が無さそうに見える彼女ですが、今回応募された理由を「旦那は回数も少ないですし、割と早くイってしまうので…」とモジモジしながら語ってくれました。淡白なご主人に我慢できず、濃厚なセックスがしたくなったようです。早速服を脱いでもらうと現れたのは抜群のプロポーション。柔らかな胸を下着からはだけさせて乳首を舐めると、ゆきさんは気持ち良さそうな喘ぎ声を零しうっとりと身を任せてきました by JavFast