Movies Online Otori cute newcomer nurse Wakamatsu Rina made her appear in HEYZO! Well, I do not have time to rest. The newcomer nurse is busy from morning till night! Currently training sex treatment therapy with outstanding effect for any serious patient. Let's suck out poison which accumulated enough to warp back in long hospitalized life from next. Sometimes wrapped gently with hands, sometimes it includes a lot of mouth juice, mouth sometimes wet and tightened with a pussy, shake vigorously waist! An erotic pant voice of an erotic white costume that dedicatedly fulfills his duties echoes throughout the hospital today! A story about seminar newcomers training.おっとりキュートな新人ナースの若松玲那ちゃんがHEYZOに登場!さぁ、休んでいる暇はありません。新人ナースは朝から晩まで大忙し!現在、どんな重症患者にも効果抜群な性処理療法をトレーニング中。長い入院生活で反り返るほどに溜まった毒を次から次に吸い出していきましょう。時にはやさしく手で包み込み、時にはジュボジュボ口いっぱいに含み、時には濡れ濡れマンコで締め付け、激しく腰を振りまくる!献身的に職務を全うするエロ可愛い白衣の天使の喘ぎ声が、今日も病院中に響き渡る!ザーメンまみれの新人研修物語。 by