Watch Jav online AV 근친 상간 Mr. Emi who distributes pamphlets for distant places vacationers who came to Japan, and on occasion has a process to manual themselves. initially, I longed for visiting abroad, studying for my process as a visitor enchantment, i was glad that I felt that I were given a process. however, the department to which i used to be assigned turned into a department that does not fly around not simplest abroad but domestic work and best works inside the middle of Tokyo. even though it is worthwhile, every day I work even as feeling irritating, my palms reach my dream of longing and it does no longer reach. Even private, it's far hard to journey specifically due to finances ... .... It regarded to were this kind of misty mood. A voice call from a man who I do no longer understand would not have even used to usual. You probably kicked off speakme about "Contacting later." however, when I were given a story about rewards, I observed an interview at the lodge when I observed it. I can't forestall preventing once I display proper money. whether you're taking off your garments or assault with a robust phrase, you had to expand your crotch and hold your son or your camera within the digital camera, whether or not you stuck a meat stick there or now not, you just needed to be executed ... ....日本に来た海外の観光客向けに、パンフレットを配布したり、時には自らが案内する仕事をしているえみりさん。元々、自分が海外を旅することに憧れ、観光方面の職を目指し勉強、めでたく就職を果たしたところまでは良かった。しかし、自分の配属された部署は、海外どころか国内も飛び回らない、内勤や都内中心でしか仕事することのない部署だったのだ。やり甲斐はあるものの、憧れの夢に手が届きそうで届かない、もどかしさを感じながら仕事をする日々。プライベートでも、主に資金面でなかなか旅行にはいけず……。そんなもやもやした心境だったからだろう。普段なら相手にもしなかったであろう知らない男性からの声掛け。「後で連絡して」なんて話も蹴っただろう。しかし、報酬の話を持ちかけられると、気づいたらホテルでインタビューに応じていた。本物の金を見せつけられると、もう止められない。服を脱がされようが、強い言葉で攻められようが、股を広げおま◯こをカメラに収められようが、そこに肉棒を突っ込まれようが、されるがままになるしかなかった……。 by way of