Watch Jav on line 事が理由av there are numerous women who're walking faraway from domestic because of trivial motives. Such run-away girls said that they cannot live to tell the tale hunger and will easily arrive at inviting strangers to surpass rain breeze. Yuzu who jumped out of the residence via combating with her mom is likewise one of these women, and he is touched by the poisonous father of Rorykon Oya who he met by danger at the same time as he's away, and he's being informed as a toy. A remedy of a runaway woman who survives a cussed age in a healthful manner.些細な事が理由で家出してる少女が世の中にはたくさんいる。そんな家出少女たちは空腹に耐えきれなくなったり雨風を凌ぐために見知らぬ男の誘いにも簡単に着いていくという。お母さんとケンカして家を飛び出したゆずちゃんもそんな少女のひとりで、家出中に偶然出会ったロリコンおやじの毒牙にかかりその身体を玩具にされていってしまう。世知辛い時代を健気に生き抜く家出少女の処世術。 through