Watch Jav on-line A spouse, Yuriko dwelling with her husband in a residence in a quiet residential region. recently the harm of the buried nest has accelerated on this area, and her husband advised Yuriko to pay interest. sooner or later, Yuriko who came home from shopping notices that the door key's open. although I idea suspiciously, once I opened the closet trying to exchange my garments, i discovered that the burglar changed into hiding in it. And while it gets drawn into the closet by means of the burglar, the cardboard within the desk collapses and the 2 are constrained in a slender closed room ... ...閑静な住宅街にある一軒家で夫と暮らす妻・ゆり子。最近この地域で空き巣の被害が増えていて夫はゆり子に注意を促していた。そんなある日、買い物から帰宅したゆり子はドアの鍵が開いている事に気づく。不審に思いながらも衣替えをしようとクローゼットを開けると、その中に空き巣犯が隠れていたのだ。そして、空き巣犯にクローゼットの中へ引き込まれると、表のダンボールが崩れ出し二人は狭い密室に閉じ込められてしまい…。 by