Watch Jav online Husband Shinichi was making ready a surprise beforehand of his 0.33 anniversary of marriage. at some point, a man named Yoshino of self-proclamation appears earlier than his spouse. He stubbornly endured, forcibly carry her into the motel who were given under the influence of alcohol at a drinking party ... .... weak point changed into grasped nonetheless like the normal as i used to be requested for the body, I steadily commenced accepting sex like Yoshino's beast. And the wedding anniversary we greeted, that regarded before Shinichi 's eyes waiting for my loving wife hiding within the closet ....結婚three周年を間近に控え、サプライズを用意していた夫の慎一。そんなある日、妻・なおの前に自称許婚の吉野という男が現れる。彼は執拗につきまとい、とある飲み会で酔い潰れてしまった彼女を強引にホテルへ連れ込み…。弱みを握られてしまったなおは毎日のように身体を求められ、吉野の獣のようなsexを次第に受け入れ始めてしまう。そして迎えた結婚記念日、クローゼットに隠れて愛する妻を待つ慎一の目の前に現れたのは…。