Watch Jav online Kikika who divorced 10 years in the past raised Koda with one hand. Kota graduated from university and graduated from the university and were given a task at a printing organization. but, commuting takes more than hours, Kimika cautioned Kota to stay by himself. but Kaita refused. Kimika who changed into concerned approximately Koda who by no means goes out to play and does now not call pals became inviting Kota to a hot spring ride.10年前に離婚した綺美香は女手一つで耕太を育ててきた。やがて耕太は大学を卒業し、印刷会社に就職した。しかし通勤に2時間以上かかるので、綺美香は耕太に一人暮らしを勧めた。しかし耕太は断った。休みの日も遊びに行くこともなく、友達を呼ぶこともない耕太が心配になった綺美香は、耕太を温泉旅行に誘うのだった。 by