Watch Jav online I witnessed my spouse's unfaithfulness, and at home inside the dwelling room. a right away anger came up. when I yelled with anger, the person broke out quick. My spouse changed into trembling. in order to choose this situation lightly, I let my spouse inform the tale of the matter. As a result, i am nevertheless worried whether this become correct. the start of the matter turned into inviting meals from the section chief. The phase chief lightly and strictly instructs his subordinates. My wife was once a man of this man. whilst the segment leader celebrated my promotion and my wife's beginning, I invited him to dinner. i have under the influence of alcohol a number of delicious sake and drunk and that i fell asleep. My wife appeared to be aware one way or the other, but he was inconvenienced through the phase leader and he become taken again and again again and again. The phase leader is senior and father-in-law妻の不貞現場を目撃し、しかも自宅のリビングで。瞬間的に怒りが湧き上がった。怒りに任せて怒鳴りつけると、間男はさっさと出て行ってしまった。妻は震えていた。この状況を冷静に判断するべく私は、妻に事の顛末を話させた。結果、今でもこれで良かったのか悩んでいる。事の発端は、課長からの食事の誘いだった。部下にも優しく厳しく指導してくれる課長。妻も以前はこの人の部下だった。その課長が、私の昇進と妻の出産を祝ってあげると、食事に招待してくれた。美味しいお酒をたくさん飲んでしまい酔って眠ってしまった私。妻は何とか意識はあったみたいだが、課長にねちっこく、何度も何度も手籠めにされてしまった。課長は婿養子で義父は我が社の会長 with the aid of